Term 2 sheet 8

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The problem was : enter a number in each circle so that the number on each line equals the same my first solution was what can equal 20,22,and18 so I thought and thought and than my mind went ding I have and idea so 12 +10=22 so then the bottom number is eighteen so what plus ten equals 18 8 so than we had to see if 12 and eight worked it equals 20 so I’m right that is how to work out problem solving


100 word challenge 33#

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prompt: As The Bird Fell Down when looking towards the ground i heard a shout my mum was shouting ITS COMING it was the end was it or is it global warming could it be a sounmie its possibly a torneado its unlikely it would be world war or is it arm your self run run the Germans Italians euro peons and the Spain’s  are coming for us noooooooooooooo my mum said can you let me finish my sentence ”okay sorry” okay now let me finish gosh it is so hard to get some attention around here now were was i right ITS COMING THE BIRD IS COMING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as the bird fell down i felt so stupid thinking that it was global warming.

100 word challenge 34#

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prompt: mission for zoo

I’m in the zoo now hunting stalking feeding praying eating while  talking on my phone to my mum my phone began to buzz ”hello Shakira yeah its me your mum dinner is ready so COME DOWN AND EAT YOUR DINNER .” mum i’m in the middle of telling a story here back to the story their was a monkey lost now its my time mwahahahahah not a mwahahahah evil way i mean that know one is going to go help the monkey so i will go and save the monkey myself what is that poor little monkey doing there awww hey wait a minute he is the monkey that was lost i will save you.

2 weeks later ………………………………….

i have become super man of the week yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Day I Left

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This is a very sad short story so go get your tissues

This is a story of my life coming to the hospital and leaving the hospital.


It’s been 17 years now crying vomiting praying and having hope in the doctor I have survived very bad illness called  leukaemia when I was five and feeling really sick my mum said I needed to go to the doctors the doctor said I was diagnosed with a terrible illness it made me feel so sad and furious he said I was diagnosed with leukaemia a cancer.


My younger sister A very lovely friendly creative girl donates blood veins and one of her precious kidneys.

‘’I have a life to live you only gave birth to me cause you wanted to keep her alive not have another daughter FOR HER YOU HEAR ME HER. Said my little sister I said that I would like to go to the beach dad said your too sick though

Daddy I know I am going to die but little sissy can’t cope any longer she has a future ahead of her full of dreams family and fun then all I have is 3 more days of the hospital I want to die happily ok dad said

A walk along the beach brings waves of the past and brings happiness to my laugh my time has come thank you for my life though won’t be here for long I will still have you in my heart.

100 word challenge

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Prompt : the light was bright




The light was so bright I felt as if I was in the hospital. “Dear God am I in the hospital?”

My mind was thinking elsewhere, if I open my eyes where would I be? How did I get there and why am I there? I opened my eyes. I’m in outer space. “Noooo! Oh, I can see my house from here!” my phone began to buzz. ‘ring ring’. “Hello?”
“You’re still in space.” my sister said. “Oh yeah! I forgot. Excuse I’m going to start screaming again.” I said. She laughed and hung up. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ow my throat.”

The Great Harrods

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O.M.G ring ring ”charlotte were going to europe” no way said charlotte hey charlotte what do you want to do first SHOPPING dah . And old man came up to us in and misteriuos way ”have you little jelly beans been to the great harrods ” the old man said in such excitement

Harrods charlotte and i said.

NO the great harrods .

”can we buy boots and dresses and shoes and shortscharlotte said”

oh oh and dock martins and sneakers and pennie ts and and and oh yea and chocolates

well yes the old man said ”told you shakira said charlotte”

but thats not the point ”told you charlotte ”

the point is that harrods is were i guessed were you spend time with family and get to know each other better.

no the old man said its where you have fun and enjoy each otherharrods is full of ”fantastictoys,gerat chocolates , fun rollercoasters/clothes made out of food posh restauraunts and you can get a free puppie if you spend over 134 doallers.

lets go their 5HOURS LATER………………………………………………………….

the plane landed lets go hey charlotte look harrods lets go today was awesome  charlotte and i  got andscottish terrier a picture of me and charlotte screaming our lungs of and and kola magnet and clothes igot a pair of docmartins and a fish named cruiso what a day charlotte BOOM BOOM oh no harrods is gone oh oh.