100 word challenge week 38#

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Prompt:on the night of Halloween

On the night of Halloween ghosts slithered zombies groaned skeletons wobblglow hen all the lantins glow out came the wind in the haunting night scaring everyone till they fight ring ring my phone began to ring really Shakira really said my sister go away you are ruining my moment back to the story anyways ding dong we heard a creek if you dare come in don’t be afraid though you will not fear I think I’ll be alright I said its nice and cold out here don’t be silly little girl come in okay if you say so BOO ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A ghost a ghostweet baby Jesus oh my gok I can not believe this it’s just a cloth if that’s a cloth you must be ( I pulled of the mask) mum I said insuch a shock dang it I thought it would belive adolf hitler or or soemone cool no offense and I thought I would figure this mystery out like scooby foo or tin tin and snowy that’s a bummer what a great Halloween night.:)


human body project reflection

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Our task for this assignment is to see how much we have achieved when proceeding and listening  to the group who is speaking and seeing if we have done all the right texts of speech and to make sure that we include a description care problems facts and history I feel like I could have worked harder during taking notes.



CARE: To keep the muscular system healthy drink and eat lots of calcium

Facts: the cardiac muscle is in the heart



ORGANS: thyroid liver and pancreas

Facts: sex hormones have a big influence to puberty

The first person to fine the description of the endocrine system is Bernard



Care: to keep the lymphatic system healthy is laughing meditation and yoga

Description: tour lymphatic system is all around your body

History: Dr: Gaspard Asset was the first one to despite the lymphatic


Facts: the tonsils and spleen are all a part of your lymphatic



Care: eat healthy and don’t eat too much sugar

Description: The heart lungs veins and arteries are the organs that make up the circulatory system

Facts: did you know that your heart pumps blood approximately 70 times per a minute

Did you know that our blood is made out of bone marrow?

Did you know that veins are less flexible than arteries?



Description: the digestive system is made out of outrageous organs which are the stomach gall bladder and pancreas

Problems: gastro is the main illness to the stomach diabetes is the disease of the pancreas and you can also have your appendix removed if you have a disease called appendixes

Facts: the appendix is there for digesting harsh food



Description: the skeletal system has six joints the ball joint and the socket joint

Future: there will be a change in antiprestants

Care: drink and eat a lot of calcium to take care of the skeletal system


Description: the brain spinal cords nerve cells and spine are the organs that make up the urinary system

History: Charles bell was the first one to research the nervous system

Problems: funtarlent action epilepsy and multiple sclerosis

Facts: you can’t walk without the nervous system



Description: lungs diaphragm and trachea make up the respiratory system

Problems: cancer emphysema asthma

Facts: the ventilator is another word for the respiratory system

Your heart grows over your lungs



Description: the urinary system is the most important system the urinary system is made up of 3 organs they are the kidneys the utters and the bladder

Care: eating healthy is one of the most important ways of keeping the urinary system healthy as well as making

Sure you always flush out your fluid to drain any excess waste

Facts: ancient romans used urine to make invisible ink

Did you know that and dolphin can hold up to 5 gallons of water?

Problems: the urinary tract infection and kidney stones

Future: we are not sure but there could be a change in there models


Altogether these systems are in our body in our everyday life I have learnt a lot from this task throughout taking notes and making sure that our group worked together this was a really fun assignment the best thing about this presentation is presenting it our 3D model was awesome I am very proud of what I have achieved I am also very proud to say that my group thought very hard and always gives me a brighter outcome to the  mistakes we make  if I was to do this again I would type the cue cards instead of writing them because one of our group members was unable to read my hand  writing.

100 word challenge week 39#

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Prompt : but I wonder what I would do                                                                                                                               I feel so weird being a kid it’s fun but just thinkinI off what you do isn’t that great you have a nice life to live but I wonder what I would do if I was presedant I would rule Australia make sure that every school kid getdaddy’s of school and make my own chocolate factory I will call it the one ” you know tha is not how being apresaged ant works said Julia gaillard and what do you know about being presedant I said ” hello I was presedant oh yeah I forgot thanks Julia gillard





Asia reflection

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Throughput this year we have done many things our first individual project was our Asia assinment which was fun what I learnt from this project was when you develop a skill u need to do it with a lot of work that was a goal for us and I strongly believe that we achieved this goal it was a fun activity and I enjoyed it the great thing is I got to learn something new about my country I did Cambodia that their flag is the only international flag to have a building in its own design