grandmas stroy

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It was 1906 Oh how in those days it was beautiful , now a days we hardly have green in our backyards.” grandma said enthusiastically.

Go on I said

With what says grandma

the story

oh yes the story any ways, it’s all wonderful the skies are clear not a cloud to be seen , a soft breeze comes along swiping people frowns upside down

I interrupt grandma

Grandma I said ,.” do you think that ladies and girls wore skirts like mine.!!

no sweaty in those days our skirts were called tunics and our dresses had a metal hoop in it and they were called hoop dresses well no we didn’t any other questions oh yes I said

do  you know anything about the women’s suffragettes oh of course that was only 2 years ago

grandma that was 4 years ago

well yes we all know that women have the right to vote

”when did you realise that you had the right to vote.”

if men can why can’t women

anyway why all the conflict between you?

well however despite the vote in china men found that small feet were more attractive  so what they did was they bound women’s feet from growing,very few have survived.

Well grandma what age could you vote?

Well the federal government confined that the correct age to vote was the age of 21.

Well Shakira I have to go now i’m going to go plays  lawn balls

let me tell you something if you look outside your backyard one side of the backyard isn’t so green and the other side is quite bright what it means is that without the two were would we be in the future.