100 word challenge

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Prompt:suddenly the sky got darker

Suddenly the sky got darker as the sun dropped I closed my eyes and imagined that the sky was fallithe three were no trees there was a cat moon I felt a slight chill down my spine all I know was there was something going on was someone behind me I heard my mother Shakira Shakira she sounded so nervous so desprit in need I felt that she was weird (5 .minutes later ) “Shakira Shakira Shakira dinner time ” wow my mind went for a long walk to lostalandia what a land how weird if I can count the stars will I be normaL.

International Day Of The Girl

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I learnt that 31 million girls don’t get to go to primary school and in  secondary 34 million kids don’t get to go to school that means 65 million people all around the world don’t have an education.


i am very sad to think that i am one of the 45 million people that have an education i should be happy to have an education while so many people don’t.today i stand proud I believe that everyone should have an education


i will do everthing to make sure that everyone in the whole world hets an education


term 3

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Term 3

If there is anything I could remember on the first day of the term was what was our homework, what would our subject be for the term and what will my grades be in term four I was nervous I thought that maybe my teacher has changed what will happen if she does change what will she be like if she changes but everything was great anyways our subject for the term was explorers for explores you had to pick one type of explorer in the world so I asked a friend if she wanted to work with me ore she said yes we were doing Mathew flinders but jess said that we were not a loud to do land explorers so we thought and thought and thought until we got to the end of the cone and said lets work in dividually so we did after a while I became board I was doing it on Ian Frazer but I got board of him after that I bumped into Afrah and she asked if we would like to work with each other so we did we did Barry Marshall he was a great man and a good role model we did an interview and a PowerPoint the PowerPoint was a quiz on Barry Marshall it was such fun overall it turned out great