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Thursday, 27 February 2014

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Activity One:



roll and role-  homophone

vice and vice- homograph

won and one- homophone

council and counsel-homophone

lie and lie-homograph

tear and tear.-homograph



Roll- I’m rolling down a hill

Role – when you have a responsibility e.g vice captain

Vice – when someone holds you in a tight grip

Vice – vice captain the back up for the captain

Won -when you come first in something eg I won that race

One- as in the saying number 1

Council- a city council

Counsel-gives advice in legal matters

Lie- when you tell a fib or something that’s not true

Lie- when you want to rest

Tear- when you cry the water from your eyes are called tears

Tear- when you rip something eg I’m going to tear this piece of paper

Activity two:

Find the definition for 5 list words


Government-A government is the system how by a sate or colony is governed by

Collaboration- when you communicate attentively eg we collaborated

Optimism- when you are giving positive attitude and body language

Responsibility- when you are in charge of something

Mayor- a mayor is recognised as in the head of the city

Activity three:

Please complete the following passage with the correct homophones.

The _______mayor__________ (mare, Mayor) of our local ________counsel_______(council, counsel) has approved a project to build a __________road_________(road, rode)through a local park. My mother wrote _______too__________(too, to) our local member to say the  ____________rights__________(rights, writes, rites) of children had been denied. As a _____tax___ (tacks, tax)payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also _________sent________________( sent, scent, cent) their objections through the _______mail_______( male, mail). The _________road__________(rode, road) has been _______allowed_______(allowed, aloud) to go ahead anyway. The ______counsel_________(council, counsel) _________won_________(won, one).

100 Word Challenge #week 23

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prompt: pushing through the earth

There is sweat seeping down my back I’m hungry thirsty and hot. Being an Egyptian is hard I have no education no life and no access for food and water for over 78 hours it feels like I’m pushing through the earth somewhere in the future I see myself helping others who are in this position my mum wanted to be an architect but she said that maths was a struggle I know my mums not going to live for long but I know that I’m going to achieve her goal wait right there stop and think what would it be like to be an Egyptian and be happy because we have an education and we should be using it wisely.

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Proceeds Of Crime

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3 Recalls 

1.crime doesn’t pay

2. there is an Australian law to stop people smuggling drugs

3. punishment pays the prices

2 Understandings 

1. here in Australia you will never get away with a crime clean .

2.if you rob a bank punishment will pay those prices

1 Question

1. what do the  proceeds of crime art mean?

Maths mate term 1 sheet 2

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Q.which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

problem: i think that this could be about measurements and weighing

clarify:[nothing to be clarified]

find the big picture: find two weights and swap them to weigh the same

1. i first added both sides to see how much each side weighed

the left side weighed 10 and the right side weighed 16

2. i used trial and error by swapping 5kg with 6kg now the left side weighs 11kgs and the right side weighed 15

3. I’m now 100% sure that isn’t correct

4. so then I swapped 2kgs with 4kg but 2 was to small so i tried again

5. so then I tried 8kg with 4kg now the left side weighed 14kg and the left side weighed 12kg so I then realised that I had one number left that was just right

6. so then I found the answer I swapped 6kg with 4kg

solution:  used guess check and improve in this task

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100 word challenge

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could that light be a portal if it was a portal would it take me out to space and go to the milkway to get a milkshake fly to india and eat the hottest food there then fly to france to make a crosoant then to china to see the pandas go to america and meet barrack obama eat breakfaast in tokyo take a trip to the 10 greatest stops in the world go to rome and watch the koyote try to catch roadrunner watch a scary movie in japan eat a cricket in china[NOT] and come back wow that

maths mate term 1 #sheet 1problem

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Q; 23 which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales

problem; I think that this problem is about measurements and numbers

clarify: [nothing to be clarified] e.g

find the picture: swap 2 weights so both sides weigh the same

1. I added both sides to see how much each side weighed. I found that the left side weighed 15kg and the Right side weighed 12kg.

2. I used trial and error  by swapping 4kg and 5kg. I found that the Left side now weighed 17kg and the Right side weighed 11kg.

3. This obviously was not correct.

4. I then swapped 9kg with 7kg. The Left side now weighs 14kg and the Right side weighs 14kg. Both sides now balance.

Summary: The strategy i used was guess check and improve

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classroom application

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Dear: jess

I have been thinking about my application so I thought I would tell you a bit about why I should be a part of 5/6a


Hi jess my name is Shakira and I am 11 years old I am very caring I love sport, my determination to learn is quite high and I like to read book’s that influence my life.


The way I read is quite unusual I like to climb up in a tree and read my book were all that surrounds me is myself my book and my imagination itself.


I bring lots of care into my classroom and I make sure everyone feel’s welcome and that their ideas are heard.


I bring leadership in sport not only because I’m house captin but if somebody is sitting down and there determined to play whilst I’m playing I  would take there spot


To take care of my community I look for the smallest yet dullest problem make a goal out of that and then achieve it.


Being confident means being pride and bold but you have to be very strong I show confidence during a presentation.

So jess do you think that I’ll be a good student in 5/6a think of this a confident caring leader who has potential to do anything she’s willing to do yet very inspirational student

King regards shakira