Maths mate term 1 sheet 2

Q.which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

problem: i think that this could be about measurements and weighing

clarify:[nothing to be clarified]

find the big picture: find two weights and swap them to weigh the same

1. i first added both sides to see how much each side weighed

the left side weighed 10 and the right side weighed 16

2. i used trial and error by swapping 5kg with 6kg now the left side weighs 11kgs and the right side weighed 15

3. I’m now 100% sure that isn’t correct

4. so then I swapped 2kgs with 4kg but 2 was to small so i tried again

5. so then I tried 8kg with 4kg now the left side weighed 14kg and the left side weighed 12kg so I then realised that I had one number left that was just right

6. so then I found the answer I swapped 6kg with 4kg

solution:  used guess check and improve in this task

another problem solved by buzzbee 🙂


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