100 Word Challenge #week 23

prompt: pushing through the earth

There is sweat seeping down my back I’m hungry thirsty and hot. Being an Egyptian is hard I have no education no life and no access for food and water for over 78 hours it feels like I’m pushing through the earth somewhere in the future I see myself helping others who are in this position my mum wanted to be an architect but she said that maths was a struggle I know my mums not going to live for long but I know that I’m going to achieve her goal wait right there stop and think what would it be like to be an Egyptian and be happy because we have an education and we should be using it wisely.

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One thought on “100 Word Challenge #week 23

  1. Well this was an interesting take on the prompt. I liked the link to being an Egyptian. 78 hours is a long time to be without water and food.

    To make things easier for the reader try using some punctuation to break up the sentences.

    Well done a great job.

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