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Activity One:



roll and role-  homophone

vice and vice- homograph

won and one- homophone

council and counsel-homophone

lie and lie-homograph

tear and tear.-homograph



Roll- I’m rolling down a hill

Role – when you have a responsibility e.g vice captain

Vice – when someone holds you in a tight grip

Vice – vice captain the back up for the captain

Won -when you come first in something eg I won that race

One- as in the saying number 1

Council- a city council

Counsel-gives advice in legal matters

Lie- when you tell a fib or something that’s not true

Lie- when you want to rest

Tear- when you cry the water from your eyes are called tears

Tear- when you rip something eg I’m going to tear this piece of paper

Activity two:

Find the definition for 5 list words


Government-A government is the system how by a sate or colony is governed by

Collaboration- when you communicate attentively eg we collaborated

Optimism- when you are giving positive attitude and body language

Responsibility- when you are in charge of something

Mayor- a mayor is recognised as in the head of the city

Activity three:

Please complete the following passage with the correct homophones.

The _______mayor__________ (mare, Mayor) of our local ________counsel_______(council, counsel) has approved a project to build a __________road_________(road, rode)through a local park. My mother wrote _______too__________(too, to) our local member to say the  ____________rights__________(rights, writes, rites) of children had been denied. As a _____tax___ (tacks, tax)payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also _________sent________________( sent, scent, cent) their objections through the _______mail_______( male, mail). The _________road__________(rode, road) has been _______allowed_______(allowed, aloud) to go ahead anyway. The ______counsel_________(council, counsel) _________won_________(won, one).

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