Maths mate # sheet 6 term 1

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Enter the numbers in the circle so that the numbers on each line equal the sum of the numbers at each end.

problem: I think that this will involve problem solving

clarify: NO clarifications


1. the number on the left in the middle is 12 the number on the right in the middle is 18 and the bottom middle number is 18 I first had to find out what plus what equals twelve

3. so the answers I got were

10+2    8+4    9+3   7+5    6+6

4. so I first tried 10 + 2 the 10 on the top and then the 2 at the bottom then i had to figure out what plus two equals 18 the answer was 16

5. that obviously is not correct

6. so then I tried with 9+3 too large

7. so then I tried 8+4 it was still to big

8. so I then decided to move down 2 more so I went to 6+6

9. then I realised that was right because 6+6 is 12 and I did not have to switch the number at all because it has the exact same number

10. so then I has to figure out what plus 6 is 18 and the answer is 12

11. so in the end it will look like this

at the very top a 6 then in the middle on the left hand side is 12 then on the right hand side in the middle is 18 then on the very far left corner is 6 then on the very far left hand side is 12

solution: I  believe that this involved guess check and improve.



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Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the

reader; remember word choice as a trait to embellish your paragraph.


The Australian government

The queen of England is The head of the commonwealth and Australia is part of the commonwealth , In Australia our government is very different to other countries because unlike some countries it is compulsory for every Australia citizen to vote  at an election at the age of 18 on the other hand In Australia there is no conscription some countries like Singapore have a law that at the age of 18 you must join the armed forces as we all know there was difference of opinions when the labour government was in power between priministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard and there was no conciliation


Activity Two:

Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words


Commonwealth: the head of everything e.g the head of commonwealth is the queen

Compulsory: you must do something when you absouloutly need to do something e.g it is compulsory to do science

Conciliation: opposite to the opponent disagree with the other’s Ideas

Conscription: an ideal rule e.g you have to be 18 to join the armed forces

Commition: the Australian government trades with china and india we trade coal for household good’s and electronic good’s





Activity Three

Make the word in brackets mean more than one. Write the correct sentence.

a. I peeled all of the _____potatoes__________ and out them in the pan.  (potato)

b. We have two _______piano’s________ at home. (piano)

c. We watched in awe as the two _______volcanoes____________ erupted. (volcano)

d. The dogs chased the three _______kangaroo’s___________ across the paddock.(kangaroo)

e. I cut up all of the ____tomatos____ and put them in the salad. ( tomato)

f. The __________heros___________who rescued the children were awarded medals.


g. We took lots of ____photos____ at the wedding. (photo)

h. All the frightened ______buffalos___________ stampeded across the plain

100 Word challenge # week 26

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prompt: look up can you see

people go missing every day, were do they go how did they go and why do they go questions answered 2 days ago my sister went missing mum was hoping she went with god and is safe in his arms, but  I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach saying she’s gone and won’t come back without my sister I have nobody I’m scared that the next person is me and that’s the end I feel that I’m going to commit suaside but that is on the other end of me on behalf of my sister who went mysteriously missing my mum says do not worry and just be happy because if you look at the negative side’s it will over take you and then it’s to late you can’t control what I’m trying to say is always focus on the positives of every day because you never get this day back you never get you r childhood back look up can you see Jesus never let him go and he will never let you go. but just to let you know we found my sister.

the end

maths mate # sheet 5

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enter number in the circles so that the numbers on each line equal the sum of the numbers at each end.

problem: I think that this involves knowledge

clarify: nothing to be clarified

find the big picture: place the numbers in the circles enter the numbers in the circle untill all ends are equal

1. so the number on the left hand side is 15 the number on the right hand side is 17 and the number on the very bottom is 20

2. so i had to think what plus 15 is 20 answer is 5!

4. so i had to half that number so then i got 2 and 3

5. so i put the three on the top and the 2 on the bottom

6. so then i realised that 17 and three is twenty and i needed to fill in one last number

7. so then i swapped 2  and 3

8. so now the 2 is at the top and the 3 is at the bottom 17 plus 2 is 19 so i had to plus 1 to get the answer

10. so now what it looks like is at the very top is 2 the in the middle on the left hand side is 15 then on the right side in the middle is 17 and then next to the twenty on the left side is 3 and next to the twenty on the right side is 1

solution: i used knowledge

another problem solved by buzzbee:)


spelling :)

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Week 6 Activity One
Write homophones for the following words eg: air – heir

a. allowed- aloud b. bare-bear c. barren- d. bury
e. boar f. boarder g. bridal h. caught-court.

Activity Two:
Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words

Austarlian- when you are a member or citizen of Australia                                                                                  Authorities- the power to make orders or decisions         Autobiography- an article about someone’s life                  backbenchers-  an MP who is not in charge of te office    bankruptcy- completly broke meaning no money zilch


Activity Three
Carefully proofread the following paragraph and rewrite the passage correctly.

That nite, when it was dark, they quietly crept along and go on the ship’s deck.
Everyone was two busy to notice them by. and by they came to a black, square hole,
and down they crept by a ladder what was in it. They found a lower deck
they had gone down a little way, and had just stepped onto it when the hole was
covered over.

Activity Four
Make the word in brackets mean more than one. Write the correct sentence.
a. There are two __________chef______________ in this tribe. ( chief)
b. We cut the oranges into _____________haff____ .(half)
c. The police arrested the three ______thieves___________. ( thief)
d. The baker gave me seven ________________ of bread. (loaf)
e. The men and their ____wifes______ are touring on the Gold Coast.
f. We stacked the books on the two bottom _________shelve___________. (shelf)
g. The ________ Wolfe______ were driven off by the noise of the guns.(wolf)
h. We swept up all the fallen ____lief__ in the garden. (leaf)

100 word challenge # week 25

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prompt: but when she lifted the lid

Once I had a dream may i just say it was a strange yet interesting one it was about a girl who had no imagination she never had questions surrounding her mind she never had an idea that would spark a story but then one day she made a box and on top of that box it had been labelled CAUTION full of imagination this girl would store all her ideas in that but sadly she had no imagination but there she sat on her bed waiting for something but then it hit her I do have an imagination because I have feelings I just need to look further and dig a little deeper which she did she grabbed her container but when she lifted the lid she realised that there was no need for that container and then she picked up her pen and started writing about how she found her imagination the end.


maths mate term 1 # sheet 4

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which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales

problem: I think that this will involve weighing

clarify: nothing to be clarified

find the big picture: find two weights and swap them to weigh the same

1. i first had to add the weights together so the left side had 2 kilograms 8 kilograms and 9 kilograms the right side had 5 kilograms and 6 kilograms

2 so the left side weighed 19 kilograms and the right side weighed 11 kilograms

3.  i made my first attempt by swapping 5 kilograms with 8 kilograms

4. now the left side weighs 16 kilograms and the right side weighs 14 kilograms

5. now that is obviously correct [sarcasm]

6. so i knew that only 6 kilograms was left and 9 kilograms was the highest number on the left hand side so my awnser is … 9 kilograms and 6 kilograms  soloution i used guess check and improve

another problem solved by buzzbee 🙂

Spelling # week 6

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Activity One


Please complete the following sentences with “them’ or “those”.




__________those________________(Them, Those) parliamentarians are arguing again – stop ___________them_________ ( them, those).

Pass  me____those_______(Them, those) volumes of Hansard, please.

Do you agree with _________those___________(Them, those) new laws to be presented for Parliamentary debate?

The police picked up __________those__________ ( them, those) burglars in the neighbour’s backyard






Activity Two


Silent Letters:


Decide which words below have silent letters. Write these words and letters into the boxes.




Debt                foreign            campaign       monarch         sea      cooperate marriage  Adjourn          bridge             roads              rights  shadow




WORDS                          SILENT WORDS

Marriage                                 debt

Adjourn                                    foreign

Bridge                                      campaign

Roads                                       monarch

Sea                                            rights









Activity three:


Look in your thesaurus to find two synonyms and two antonyms for each word below:


Words        Two synonyms        Two antonyms




govern: command manage lawlessness mismanaged

pollution: contaminate dirty hygienic cleanliness’

member: associate representative enemy opponent

100 word challenge #week 24

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cookie monster and his cookie 

Once upon a time there was a sad monster who didnt know what he should do or why they would even call him a monster he had tried everything carrot monster which was obviously taken strawberry monster but he said it’s to sweet so he moved on he walked into the forest hoping something would appear but then it hit him berry monster I can steal every ones berry’s strawberry’s raspberry blueberry’s ill be known but then he said but I don’t like fruit he kept walking until… he met the love of his life she was the most beautiful gorgeous fantastic cookie so now he has a new name cookie monster.

Maths mate problem term 1 #sheet 3

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Maths matE problem term 1 #sheet 3


Use the diagrams to calculate the weight of one black sphere


4 big spheres – 16kg

4 small spheres- 2 big marbles

Problem: I think that this problem involves measurements

Clarify: nothing to be clarified

Find the big picture: how much does one black sphere weigh

  1. I first had to find out how much the four big spheres weighed which was 16kgs
  2. Then I had to find out what 2 spheres weighed so I ½ 16kg which then weighed 8 kgs
  3. So then I ½ 8kgs which then weighed 4kgs
  4. So then I was left with 2 marbles so then I ½ two and then I got my answer 2kgs

Solution: I used a continues pattern

Another problem solved by buzzbee 🙂