100 word challenge # week 25

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prompt: but when she lifted the lid

Once I had a dream may i just say it was a strange yet interesting one it was about a girl who had no imagination she never had questions surrounding her mind she never had an idea that would spark a story but then one day she made a box and on top of that box it had been labelled CAUTION full of imagination this girl would store all her ideas in that but sadly she had no imagination but there she sat on her bed waiting for something but then it hit her I do have an imagination because I have feelings I just need to look further and dig a little deeper which she did she grabbed her container but when she lifted the lid she realised that there was no need for that container and then she picked up her pen and started writing about how she found her imagination the end.


2 thoughts on “100 word challenge # week 25

  1. Wow, this is a very “imaginative” piece of writing and might even inspire someone who was struggling with ideas for writing. Your writing was a little tricky to read – if you could go back and add in some punctuation, this would make your writing much clearer for the reader. Give it a go!
    Keep writing and sharing,
    Mary (Team 100WC)

  2. You have included so much in this piece of writing. I recommend you read through it out loud though and add some punctuation as you go.

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