100 Word challenge # week 26

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prompt: look up can you see

people go missing every day, were do they go how did they go and why do they go questions answered 2 days ago my sister went missing mum was hoping she went with god and is safe in his arms, but  I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach saying she’s gone and won’t come back without my sister I have nobody I’m scared that the next person is me and that’s the end I feel that I’m going to commit suaside but that is on the other end of me on behalf of my sister who went mysteriously missing my mum says do not worry and just be happy because if you look at the negative side’s it will over take you and then it’s to late you can’t control what I’m trying to say is always focus on the positives of every day because you never get this day back you never get you r childhood back look up can you see Jesus never let him go and he will never let you go. but just to let you know we found my sister.

the end

2 thoughts on “100 Word challenge # week 26

  1. Well done. I was very moved by your story, which was full of emotional. To make your writing even better, you need to get your capital letters and punctuation right, otherwise it’s hard for your readers to know where your sentences stop and the next ones begin. Can you see where you need some capital letters?

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