BOOKS are everything

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My head is full of clarity I feel cold and hot at the same time, no ones around here [not only because it’s a Sunday] oh look  there’s Hazel grace, Augustus waters , Isaac,  and hazels mum and dad , but there is only one problem they cant see me only I can see them and you might be asking now how am I seeing them well let me tell you this deep deep down in your imagination you can see anything you believe.


All you need is an amazing book and an amazing author now can you guess what book im reading? Yes that’s right I am reading the fault in our stars’ by John Green he is such an inspirational, awesome , annoying (sometimes) you want to kick him in the gluteus Maximus author.


As I walk down the narrow hallway I was reading the best book of my life as I mentioned earlier on nothing can stop me as I flip my page slowly my anxiety started to build up as I took my eyes of the book all too soon…


CRASH! I hit a pole as I fell to the ground my book flew from my hands faster than lightning all the pressure leaned onto the book it hit the dirty and dusty ground damaging the book crinkling the pages bending the bind.


When I picked up myself up of the ground I headed toward the book my injury was more serious than I thought My book and my imagination will never be the same


LOL so how far can you take your imagination what type of accidents happen/d to you post a comment on my blog on how far can you take your imagination take you !