100 word challenge week #30

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prompt: and when I opened the cupboard door

As I got up out of bed my stomach was growling louder than a bear so I decided I would have a poached egg with an Mexican spicy sausage I realised I needed a stool to get up i called my mum but she didn’t answer back I was a little frightened by the sound of silence BANG! oh damn what was that i see my dog dead on the ground with a blood trail leading to the kitchen i was scared to the kitchen but i decided i would go as I walked into the kitchen in shock an unusual odar lingered around the house as i stepped into the kitchen my body shifted towards a cupboard door were the blood trail lead too and when i opened the cupboard door the knife slaughterer got me

term 2 sheet 6

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PROBLEM: each letter represents a different digit from 1 to 9. if R=8,what number does four stand for


Prediction: I think that this will involve subtraction



  1. So its pretty easy all we need to know is the alphabet .
  2. So this means that ay like 8 = R so all you need to do is count backwards in the alphabet
  3. So let’s give it a go
  4. 7=Q
  5. 6=P
  6. 5=O
  7. 4=N …
  8. YAY and you have your answer


Solution: so all you needed to do is use a pattern and stick with it this problem ivolved subtraction

Another problem solved by buzz bee 🙂