maths mate term 3 # sheet 4

Maths Mate: Term 3, Sheet 4

Problem 22: The sum of four consecutive numbers is 94. What are the four numbers??


Clarify: nothing to be clarified


Find the big question:  What are the four numbers?




I was very confused about how to solve this problem, but I worked out that I was over thinking it.

First I divided 94 by 4 which equals 23.5

That means that 23.5 is the middle number in the sum, because of the .5.

So at first I didn’t realize that 23.5 had to be the  middle number so I did 21+22+23+24, but that made 90.

So that means the 23 has to go in the middle, so I chose 22+23+24+25=94!

The answer is 22,23,24 and 25.


Summary: The mathematicians toolbox strategy I used in this sum was work backwards.

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