Spelling # Term 3, week 1

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Endeavour: aim, attempt, make an effort, strive, and try

Microbiologist: studies tiny forms of life

Meteorologist: studies climate and weather

Metallurgist: works with metal and is able to shape or work metal

Physicist: studies heat, light, electricity, magnetism and other forms of matter and energy

Geologist: studies rocks which form the world

Seismology: studies earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves

Climatologist: studies climate like meteorologist but this means that we can plan for our clothes

Laboratory: a scientific, room to keep all scientific technological research in a category of room

Geophysics: is a subject of natural science concerned with physical processes



1. Meteorologist: studies the weather/ predicts the weather

2. Geophysics: also known as the hydrological cycle which is the study of  snow and ice and humidity of volcanism

3. Endeavour: when you never give up and always try’s

4. Seismology: the study of earthquakes and tectonic plates that can cover elastic waves

5. Microbiologist: studies small quantities of life




Metallurgist- noun

Physicist- noun