maths mate term 3 # sheet 3

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Maths Mate: Term 3, Sheet 3


Problem 22: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers?


Predict: I predict I will need to do addition and division in this sum.


Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.


Find the Big Question: What are the three numbers?




  1. First I knew that 3,3 and 3 added up to 9.




2.  Then I knew that 1,2 and 3 add up to 6.





3. Then I double checked to see if it was right. Yes!


The answer is 31, 32 and 33.


Summary: The mathematicians toolbox strategy I used in this sum was use your prior knowledge.








Twerm 3 #week 3

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Spelling: Term 3, Week 3











Prefixes : Write the definition of a prefix

A prefix is a syllable that is added before a word or a word stem.

Complete the table below with as many prefixes as possible.























maths mate term 3 # sheet 2

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Mathsmate: Term 3, Sheet 2


Problem 22: Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. The left and right page numbers added to 333. What were the page numbers?


Predict: I predict I will need to use division and addition in this problem.


Clarify:  nothing to be clarified


Find the big question: What are the page numbers?




I need to start by splitting 333 in half, because they need to be consecutive. Picture a book, the page numbers are consecutive,, aren’t they?

It is 166.5 but I will round that up to 167.


So I will round down to 166.




The mathematicians toolbxo strategy I used in this problem was break it into controllable parts.

another problem solved by buzzbee

maths mate term 3 # sheet 1

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Mathsmate Term 3 Sheet 1

Problem 22: The sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. What are the two numbers?


Predict: I predict that I will need to use division and addition in this problem.


Clarify: nothing to be clarified


Find the big question: What are the two numbers?




The first thing I did was divide 97 by 2= 48.5

but they are consecutive whole numbers.

So I rounded up to 49. But 49+50=99, not 97.

So I rounded down to 48. 48+49=97!

100 word challenge week #30

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prompt: and when I opened the cupboard door

As I got up out of bed my stomach was growling louder than a bear so I decided I would have a poached egg with an Mexican spicy sausage I realised I needed a stool to get up i called my mum but she didn’t answer back I was a little frightened by the sound of silence BANG! oh damn what was that i see my dog dead on the ground with a blood trail leading to the kitchen i was scared to the kitchen but i decided i would go as I walked into the kitchen in shock an unusual odar lingered around the house as i stepped into the kitchen my body shifted towards a cupboard door were the blood trail lead too and when i opened the cupboard door the knife slaughterer got me

term 2 sheet 6

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PROBLEM: each letter represents a different digit from 1 to 9. if R=8,what number does four stand for


Prediction: I think that this will involve subtraction



  1. So its pretty easy all we need to know is the alphabet .
  2. So this means that ay like 8 = R so all you need to do is count backwards in the alphabet
  3. So let’s give it a go
  4. 7=Q
  5. 6=P
  6. 5=O
  7. 4=N …
  8. YAY and you have your answer


Solution: so all you needed to do is use a pattern and stick with it this problem ivolved subtraction

Another problem solved by buzz bee 🙂

BOOKS are everything

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My head is full of clarity I feel cold and hot at the same time, no ones around here [not only because it’s a Sunday] oh look  there’s Hazel grace, Augustus waters , Isaac,  and hazels mum and dad , but there is only one problem they cant see me only I can see them and you might be asking now how am I seeing them well let me tell you this deep deep down in your imagination you can see anything you believe.


All you need is an amazing book and an amazing author now can you guess what book im reading? Yes that’s right I am reading the fault in our stars’ by John Green he is such an inspirational, awesome , annoying (sometimes) you want to kick him in the gluteus Maximus author.


As I walk down the narrow hallway I was reading the best book of my life as I mentioned earlier on nothing can stop me as I flip my page slowly my anxiety started to build up as I took my eyes of the book all too soon…


CRASH! I hit a pole as I fell to the ground my book flew from my hands faster than lightning all the pressure leaned onto the book it hit the dirty and dusty ground damaging the book crinkling the pages bending the bind.


When I picked up myself up of the ground I headed toward the book my injury was more serious than I thought My book and my imagination will never be the same


LOL so how far can you take your imagination what type of accidents happen/d to you post a comment on my blog on how far can you take your imagination take you !


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Activity One:
Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the reader;
remember word choice as a trait to embellish your paragraph.
hi Fred I’m getting my licence today ” you getting a licence for  what” oh well my car licence ” that will be  like winning the women s suffragettes to them you would be a trespasser well now I am an independent man who likes to do meditation 
Activity Two :
Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words
independent- when your on your own

licence- e.g do you have a car licence

meditation- when you relax with nothing bothering you

suffragettes- women’s right to vote

trespasser- a person who comes in with no id

Activity Three:

Memory trick: Which witch can make you itch?

Complete the sentences below with “which” or “witch”.

a. “____________which________( Which, witch) side of the river do you think we should stake our
claim? “ asked the prospector.
b. The _________witch_________ (which, witch) used magic to turn fool’s gold into real gold.
c. The police constable insisted that the gold diggers identify _____________which______(which,
witch) of their fellow miners were claim jumpers.
d. “Do you think the ______witch_______ (which, witch) in the story was real or imaginary?” asked the
e. “____________which_________(which, witch) gold coach should we bail up next ?” asked the bushranger.
f. On ________which_______(which, witch) continent did the Spaniards search fruitlessly for the fabled
City of Gold __________which___________(which, witch) was they named “El Dorado, The Gilded One”?

Activity Four:
Explain the difference between the following Homophones:
a. Weather r.g when it rains , wether  difference and whether e.g whether not
b. Way, weigh when toy check how much something weighs , and whey
c. Wear e.g i wear shorts , where where goign and we’re also known as we are
d. Praise the prural for pray, prays when you bless your day and preys
e. Saw e.g i saw a peacock , soar and sore e.g i have a really bad sore
f. Wails a country, Wales and whales an animal
g. Right e.g that is right  , write e.g i write with my left hand  and rite
h. Awe as in awe that is adorable , oar coal, or and ore.

100 word challenge

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prompt: but I thought i had enough time

7 weeks  ago my grandpa died I felt sad and lonely all too soon all the depression fell on me all the time , I would hide under my blankets crying and weeping it felt like my whole life left me , for 3 weeks i couldn’t eat even if mum tried to jump me out of bed and run to her it wouldn’t happen EVER but i thought i had enough time just to say goodbye to him the guilt digs deep into me and i just can’t control but i know now that he is resting in peace forever together.