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What is the environmental impact for this energy source?

Solar does not produce air pollution, water pollution and dose not create greenhouse gases. They can impact environment because when they are made they use toxic materials. They also clear  land space to build solar factories and to build solar farms and leave animals without a habitat or reduced.

Who uses this energy source?

Families, commercials, industrial factories and office buildings

Why might they use this energy source?

To heat water because they live in distant places

Plus Minus Interesting
It is renewable and it will not run out.

It is a good source of power for people who live in different places.

It’s cheap to run.

Toxic products are used to make them.

They clear habitats to make solar farms.

Clearing habitats has an impact on animals.

They do not make greenhouse gases.

Solar energy is completely free.

Germany is the highest user of solar energy.

100 word challenge week #30

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prompt: and when I opened the cupboard door

As I got up out of bed my stomach was growling louder than a bear so I decided I would have a poached egg with an Mexican spicy sausage I realised I needed a stool to get up i called my mum but she didn’t answer back I was a little frightened by the sound of silence BANG! oh damn what was that i see my dog dead on the ground with a blood trail leading to the kitchen i was scared to the kitchen but i decided i would go as I walked into the kitchen in shock an unusual odar lingered around the house as i stepped into the kitchen my body shifted towards a cupboard door were the blood trail lead too and when i opened the cupboard door the knife slaughterer got me

100 word challenge

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prompt: but I thought i had enough time

7 weeks  ago my grandpa died I felt sad and lonely all too soon all the depression fell on me all the time , I would hide under my blankets crying and weeping it felt like my whole life left me , for 3 weeks i couldn’t eat even if mum tried to jump me out of bed and run to her it wouldn’t happen EVER but i thought i had enough time just to say goodbye to him the guilt digs deep into me and i just can’t control but i know now that he is resting in peace forever together.

100 Word challenge # week 26

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prompt: look up can you see

people go missing every day, were do they go how did they go and why do they go questions answered 2 days ago my sister went missing mum was hoping she went with god and is safe in his arms, but  I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach saying she’s gone and won’t come back without my sister I have nobody I’m scared that the next person is me and that’s the end I feel that I’m going to commit suaside but that is on the other end of me on behalf of my sister who went mysteriously missing my mum says do not worry and just be happy because if you look at the negative side’s it will over take you and then it’s to late you can’t control what I’m trying to say is always focus on the positives of every day because you never get this day back you never get you r childhood back look up can you see Jesus never let him go and he will never let you go. but just to let you know we found my sister.

the end

spelling :)

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Week 6 Activity One
Write homophones for the following words eg: air – heir

a. allowed- aloud b. bare-bear c. barren- d. bury
e. boar f. boarder g. bridal h. caught-court.

Activity Two:
Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words

Austarlian- when you are a member or citizen of Australia                                                                                  Authorities- the power to make orders or decisions         Autobiography- an article about someone’s life                  backbenchers-  an MP who is not in charge of te office    bankruptcy- completly broke meaning no money zilch


Activity Three
Carefully proofread the following paragraph and rewrite the passage correctly.

That nite, when it was dark, they quietly crept along and go on the ship’s deck.
Everyone was two busy to notice them by. and by they came to a black, square hole,
and down they crept by a ladder what was in it. They found a lower deck
they had gone down a little way, and had just stepped onto it when the hole was
covered over.

Activity Four
Make the word in brackets mean more than one. Write the correct sentence.
a. There are two __________chef______________ in this tribe. ( chief)
b. We cut the oranges into _____________haff____ .(half)
c. The police arrested the three ______thieves___________. ( thief)
d. The baker gave me seven ________________ of bread. (loaf)
e. The men and their ____wifes______ are touring on the Gold Coast.
f. We stacked the books on the two bottom _________shelve___________. (shelf)
g. The ________ Wolfe______ were driven off by the noise of the guns.(wolf)
h. We swept up all the fallen ____lief__ in the garden. (leaf)

100 word challenge # week 25

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prompt: but when she lifted the lid

Once I had a dream may i just say it was a strange yet interesting one it was about a girl who had no imagination she never had questions surrounding her mind she never had an idea that would spark a story but then one day she made a box and on top of that box it had been labelled CAUTION full of imagination this girl would store all her ideas in that but sadly she had no imagination but there she sat on her bed waiting for something but then it hit her I do have an imagination because I have feelings I just need to look further and dig a little deeper which she did she grabbed her container but when she lifted the lid she realised that there was no need for that container and then she picked up her pen and started writing about how she found her imagination the end.


100 word challenge #week 24

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cookie monster and his cookie 

Once upon a time there was a sad monster who didnt know what he should do or why they would even call him a monster he had tried everything carrot monster which was obviously taken strawberry monster but he said it’s to sweet so he moved on he walked into the forest hoping something would appear but then it hit him berry monster I can steal every ones berry’s strawberry’s raspberry blueberry’s ill be known but then he said but I don’t like fruit he kept walking until… he met the love of his life she was the most beautiful gorgeous fantastic cookie so now he has a new name cookie monster.

100 Word Challenge #week 23

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prompt: pushing through the earth

There is sweat seeping down my back I’m hungry thirsty and hot. Being an Egyptian is hard I have no education no life and no access for food and water for over 78 hours it feels like I’m pushing through the earth somewhere in the future I see myself helping others who are in this position my mum wanted to be an architect but she said that maths was a struggle I know my mums not going to live for long but I know that I’m going to achieve her goal wait right there stop and think what would it be like to be an Egyptian and be happy because we have an education and we should be using it wisely.

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